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Who We Are

Humane Voters Oregon is a non-partisan organization that promotes humane treatment of animals through participation in Oregon’s political process. We endorse, support and contribute to candidates who support humane treatment of animals. We also lobby elected officials to pass and retain laws that require humane treatment of animals, and we publish voting records of elected officials on issues affecting animals so that voters can hold their elected officials accountable.

Humane Voters Oregon was formed in 2014 to fill an unmet need in Oregon’s efforts to promote animal welfare. Oregon has many great animal shelters and other groups doing wonderful things for animals. However, most of these groups are organized as charitable organizations and cannot participate directly in elections for public office or devote significant resources to lobbying.

Humane Voters Oregon is organized as a nonprofit social welfare organization. You can't deduct your contributions to us on your taxes, but we can use your support to participate in political campaigns and to do unlimited lobbying for the benefit of animals. Humane Voters Oregon also operates a separate fund, called the Humane Voters Oregon PAC, that we use to make financial contributions directly to the campaigns of animal-friendly candidates.

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