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Help Stop Trapping of Wildlife for Fur - Comment by June 5

At its meeting June 12, the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission will consider proposed rules for hunting and trapping "furbearing" animals. The proposed rules are largely a renewal of existing rules, this time for 2020-22, but provide a chance to tell the commission, which oversees management of wildlife in Oregon, how you feel about issues such as trapping and how often trappers need to check their traps. See our comments on the proposed rules here. See the letter we submitted with other groups, specifically on trap-check times, here. Your comments don't need to be more than a few sentences - just tell the commission you oppose trapping in Oregon becauses it causes too much pain and suffering for animals, for example, or that the commission should at least require trappers to check their traps every 24 hours. Feel free to borrow any of the points from our letter or the letter we submitted with other groups. Comments are most effective when they are in your own words.

Submit your comments by June 5 to be sure the commission has a chance to see them before its meeting (though the deadline is technically June 12). Send comments to:

Thank you for getting involved to help animals in Oregon.

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