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Giving Tuesday: Help Us Support Humane Legislation and Candidates

Today is Giving Tuesday. Click on the link above for a short clip on what we do and how you can help.

We continue to work in Oregon's political process and elections to support humane treatment of animals:

  • In the recent election, we endorsed and supported more than 40 candidates, most of whom won.

  • When the Oregon Legislature meets in January, we will be there to help advocate for new laws to protect Oregon's wildlife, companion animals, and farm animals including dairy cows and mink.

  • Just this week, we will be urging the Oregon Board of Agriculture not to endorse a cougar management plan that over-emphasizes killing cougars to protect farm animals.

Please click on the link below to support our work. Your contributions to our political action committee (Humane Voters Oregon PAC) even qualify for Oregon's political contribution tax credit, meaning you can get it all back at tax time up to $50 ($100 for a couple filing jointly).

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