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Endorsement Process

Humane Voters Oregon endorses candidates who we believe will support policies that promote animal welfare and oppose policies that diminish animal welfare. We make endorsements in state and local elections in Oregon.

Any candidate running for any state or local office may request our endorsement. In regular election cycles (occurring next in 2024), we will ask candidates requesting our endorsement to complete our candidate questionnaire (coming soon for 2024). After we review your responses to our questionnaire, we may ask to interview you by phone or in person. In deciding whether to endorse your candidacy, we will consider your responses to our questionnaire and any record you have on animal welfare issues. We also will consider other factors, including other candidates in the race, their level of support for animal welfare, and the likelihood you will be elected.

If we endorse your candidacy, we may also be able to provide volunteer assistance, and our Political Action Committee (Humane Voters Oregon PAC) may support your campaign financially. Our decisions in that regard will take into account factors including the degree of your support for animal welfare, the likelihood you will be elected, and your need for financial support.

For additional information, please email us at Thank you for your interest in our endorsement and support!

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