Donations to Humane Voters Oregon PAC are used to support the campaigns of animal-friendly candidates for elected office. Your donation may even be fully reimbursed with a tax credit.*

Donations to Humane Voters Oregon (no PAC) support our general oprations, including direct advocacy for animals in the state legislature, local governments and administrative agencies.

(If you would like your donation to support the campaigns of animal-friendly candidates, please make your donation to "Humane Oregon PAC" by clicking on the top donate button above.)

You can also make your contributions by check to Humane Voters Oregon PAC and Humane Voters Oregon at 5331 SW Macadam Ave., Suite 258 (PMB 624), Portland, OR 97202.

*If your contribution is to Humane Voters Oregon PAC, please be sure we have your address, occupation, employer (if any) and the city and state of your employer. State election law requires us to obtain and report that information, along with your name and contribution, all of which will be publicly available. Contributions to Humane Voters Oregon (the non-PAC account) are not required to be reported to state election officials or to be made publicly available.

Because Humane Voters Oregon and Humane Voters Oregon PAC advocate for animals through lobbying and elections, contributions to us are not tax deductible. However, your contribution to Humane Voters Oregon PAC may qualify for Oregon’s political contribution tax credit of up to $50 on an individual return or $100 on a joint return. Learn more HERE.

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Donate to Humane Voters Oregon PAC

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Humane Voters Oregon welcomes volunteers to help campaign for pro-animal candidates and support pro-animal policies. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at this address and let us know.

Animals will receive more attention in Oregon's political process if people who care about animals register to vote and vote. Learn more about registering to vote here.


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