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Humane Oregon Lobbies To Increase Poaching Penalties

Humane Oregon appeared before the Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Oregon House of Representatives on Thursday, February 5, to support House Bill 2537. This bill -- which was co-sponsored by Rep. Ken Helm, who was one of the candidates we endorsed and supported in the last election -- would increase penalties for wildlife poaching and would add bear, cougar and sturgeon to the list of animals that could not be killed for just a few small parts of their bodies. The bill also would increase criminal penalties for poaching wildlife with an intent to traffic in their body parts. Humane Oregon strongly supports this bill because we believe it will encourage greater respect for the laws we have to protect Oregon’s fish and wildlife. Please tell your state senator and state representative that you also support this bill. You can find out who they are here (look for the area that says “Find My Legislators”).

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