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Poaching Bill Clears House Committee

The Oregon House Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources voted 7-2 Tuesday to recommend approval of House Bill 4046, which generally increases the amount of damages the state can recover from people who kill wildlife in violation of the law. The bill would also specifically outlaw killing black bears and cougars for only certain specific body parts (think gall bladders and paws for export to Asia). Amendments to the bill would provide a mandatory sentence of 180 days in jail under certain circumstances (essentially after a third offense). We supported this bill and gave our position in written testimony to the Committee. For details on the bill and the Committee vote, navigate from here. (To review the text, be sure to look at the "Amendments" tab.) The bill now goes to the full House of Representatives for a vote, which will likely happen early next week. We expect the bill to pass easily, but it wouldn't hurt to tell your state Representative you support it. (If you don't know who your state Representative is, find out here.) If the bill passes the full House, it will then be considered by the Senate.

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