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Humane Candidates And Measures Do Well In Oregon Elections

Candidates and measures endorsed by Humane Oregon did well in Oregon elections. All but one of the 24 candidates we endorsed and supported in legislative races won election. Perhaps the highlight was new candidate Janelle Bynum winning a very close race to represent her district near Clackamas in the Oregon House of Representatives. Representative-elect Bynum gave great answers on our questionnaire and promises to be a great advocate for animals in the Oregon Legislature. We were also thrilled to see Measure 100, which prohibits trade in parts of endangered animals from other parts of the world, pass by a wide margin. We were part of the coalition that helped put the measure on the ballot and win voter approval after legislators failed to act on the issue in 2015. Huge congratulations to our friends at Save Endangered Animals Oregon, which lead the campaign with great energy and enthusiasm and lots of hard work.

For a complete list of our endorsements and results, go here. Meanwhile, please help us gear up to support candidates in the next election cycle by making a contribution here. It's not too early, and elected officials will notice if we have resources to help them in the next campaign.

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