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Another Chance To Comment (by March 21) On Proposed New Mega Dairy

The new mega dairy under construction near Boardman, Oregon, has applied to the Oregon Water Resources Department for two temporary permits to use groundwater to operate for the next five years. The Department is taking public comment through March 21.

The dairy needs the temporary permits while it waits for approval of a more permanent source of water supply. Before approving the permits, the Water Resources Department must find they won't "impair or be detrimental to the public interest." So you can comment on how industrial-scale dairies such as this (proposed to eventually have 30,000 cows) are bad for both the environment and animal welfare.

Go here for more information on the first application. Go here for more information on the second application. (There are two because they propose using water from two different groundwater aquifers.) On each application page, see the link to "Submit a Public Comment."

Suggested comment (remember that it's always best to personalize a bit):

This proposed use of water is not in the public interest because it would allow large amounts of water to be taken from a limited groundwater resource. It also would enable construction of an industrial scale dairy that would pollute the surrounding air and water with gas and waste from the animals. Finally, dairies of this scale are inhumane because they keep the cows in highly confined conditions, rarely if ever let them outside to graze, deny them contact with their offspring, and give them only very short lives. Thank you for considering these comments.

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