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Help the Shelter Dog Become State Dog!

House Concurrent Resolution 16, the bill to make "rescued shelter dogs" the state dog of Oregon, remains bottled up in the House Rules Committee. Our sources tell us the Democrats on the committee all like the bill but that the Republicans don't, and that the Democrats don't want to advance the bill over Republican objections. We haven't given up hope and encourage our supporters to contact their state representatives to ask them to move this bill forward. You can find your representative and their contact information here. Contacting your representative is especially important if he or she is on the House Rules Committee. You can find the list of committee members here. If your state representative is Jennifer Williamson, contacting her is especially important because she is the chair of the committee and decides whether to bring the bill up for a vote. Please ask her to move the bill forward if the majority of the committee support it, even if some committee members object. Among the points to make to your representative are that the bill would be more than symbolic because it would help promote pet adoption and thereby help give shelter dogs homes. In turn, that would help reduce pressure on animal shelters including government-funded animal shelters, which could save taxpayers money. Thank you for helping us advocate for animal welfare!

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