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Humane Oregon Testifies On Cougar Management Plan

We attended the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting Friday, August 4, in Salem to testify on the recently released Oregon Cougar Management Plan Draft Update. We also submitted written comments on the 209-page document. We supported aspects of the plan that recognize the interest of all Oregonians in cougar management, even if they never see a cougar, and that allow cougar populations to grow above minimum levels set in prior cougar plans. We opposed aspects of the plan that call for "administrative" killings, by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and its agents, based on perceived dangers to people, pets, livestock and other wildlife populations (deer and elk, for example). The draft plan will be subject to further review by the Department and will eventually go back to the Commission for approval. We will keep you posted.

Photo: Humane Oregon President Emily AhYou and board members Scott Beckstead and Brian Posewitz. (Scott presented testimony for Humane Society of the United States.)

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