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Help Protect Oregon Cougars

The 2019 Oregon Legislature is in full swing (more on that soon) and the first of several proposals to resume sport hunting of cougars with dogs is up for hearings at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Feb. 21, before the House Committee on Natural Resources. You can submit written comments to the Committee by email tomorrow to You also can appear in person at one of the hearings at the State Capital, 900 Court St. NE (Hearing Room E), in Salem.

House Bill 2795 would authorize a list of counties to "opt-out" of the 1994 ballot measure that prohibited sport hunting of cougars with dogs, a practice in which packs of dogs find a cougar by scent and chase it until it climbs a tree, allowing the "hunter" to come shoot it from close range. We consider the practice inhumane and are vigorously opposing all legislation that would allow it again in Oregon. You can see our written comments to the Committee here. You can also find more comprehensive comments that we joined in submitting with numerous other groups here.

Update: Although the hearing on this bill is over, you can still submit written comments at the email above or to members of the House Natural Resources Committee until the Committee takes action on the bill. To find out if the Committee has taken action, go here and look under "Measure History."

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