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2019 Legislature Underway

The 2019 Oregon Legislature convened in January and will continue to meet through mid-summer to consider numerous proposed new laws and resolutions. We are so far tracking about 40 such proposals (generally called "bills") that would or could affect animal welfare in one way or another. We have already weighed in on a couple, including a bill to say who should be on the state Fish and Wildlife Commission and a bill to allow resumed sport hunting of cougars with dogs (which we opposed of course). For a complete list of the bills we are tracking so far, our position and the reasons for our position, go here. To see the full text of a bill, along with its history, scheduled events and other information, click on the bill number in our list. You should feel free to contact your state legislators at any time about any of these bills. Click here to find out who your legislators are if you don't already know (you have one senator and one representative). We will also let you know of strategic times to comment on the pending legislation we consider most important. Thank you for your interest in animal welfare!

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