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Support Tax Deductions for Pet Adoption

The Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will hold a hearing at 1 p.m. tomorrow, Feb. 26, on a proposal to allow a tax deduction (up to $200 per person or $400 per couple) for expenses of adopting a dog or cat from an animal rescue organization. You can support this bill, Senate Bill 268, by sending an email to the Committee before the hearing at You can also attend the hearing - Oregon State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Salem, OR, Hearing Room C - to testify in support of the bill. You can also support the bill, before or after the hearing, by emailing members of the Committee, whose names with links to emails can be found here. You can also email your own state senator and representative. They will not be voting on this bill unless they are on the Committee or the bill passes out of the Committee, but sometimes their interest can help get the Committee to pass the bill. To find out who your senator and representative are, go here. For more information on SB 268, including the specific text of the bill and its status in the process, go here. To see our written comments on the bill, go here. Thanks to Senator Alan Olsen of Canby for sponsoring this bill. Thanks to you for helping us support animal welfare in Oregon!

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