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Ban on Coyote Killing Contests Passes Senate - Here's What You Can Do Now

Coyote killing contest near Burns, Oregon. Photo courtesy of Humane Society of the United States

The Oregon State Senate voted today to pass Senate Bill 723, the bill to ban cruel contests that award prizes for killing the most coyotes. Thank you to all our supporters who contacted their state senators to urge them to vote "yes" on the bill.

Now there are two things you can do to help this bill move forward and to encourage our state senators to continue to support animal welfare legislation in the future.

First, if your senator voted in favor of the bill, please say "thank you." See below to find out who your senator is and how your senator voted.

Second, contact your state representative and ask your representative to support Senate Bill 723. The bill must pass the House of Representatives next. Then it will become law if approved by the governor.

For more information about the bill, go here. To find out who your state senator and representative are, and to get their contact information, go here.

Talking points:

  • Oregon has a history of drawing the line at unfair and inhumane practices that are out of step with our humane values. Coyote killing contests are completely at odds with ethical, fair-chase hunting.

  • SB 723 is not an urban vs. rural issue. This is about the state of Oregon, and how Oregonians value and treat the public’s wildlife. We can value hunting as a tradition and establish restrictions on practices that are cruel and unsporting.

  • Oregon’s wildlife, including coyotes, belong to all of us including, the majority of Oregonians who are non-hunters.

  • A recent public opinion poll commissioned by Remington Research Group indicated a strong majority of Oregonians support legislation to ban coyote-killing contests across all five congressional districts.

  • Studies show that the indiscriminate killing of native carnivores like coyotes will not protect livestock, and will not increase game species. It can even lead to an increase in coyote numbers by disrupting stable family packs, causing more reproduction.

  • SB 723 would not change any law regarding hunting or killing coyotes to protect people, pets or farm animals. It would only ban contests that give prizes for killing the most coyotes.

  • Oregon should follow in New Mexico’s humane footsteps by being the next state in the west to ban coyote-killing contests.

How Senators Voted ("aye" means "yes" and "nay" means "no"):

  • Baertschiger Jr Nay

  • Bentz Nay

  • Beyer Aye

  • Boquist Nay

  • Burdick Aye

  • Dembrow Aye

  • Fagan Aye

  • Frederick Aye

  • Gelser Aye

  • Girod Nay

  • Golden Aye

  • Hansell Nay

  • Hass Aye

  • Heard Nay

  • Johnson Nay

  • Knopp Nay

  • Linthicum Nay

  • Manning Jr Aye

  • Monnes Anderson Nay

  • Olsen Nay

  • Prozanski Aye

  • Riley Aye

  • Roblan Aye

  • Steiner Hayward Aye

  • Taylor Aye

  • Thatcher Aye

  • Thomsen Nay

  • Wagner Aye

  • President Courtney Aye

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