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2020 Legislative Scorecards Are Here!

Humane Voters Oregon has released its 2020 legislative scorecard - its rating of how Oregon legislators (the people who make state laws in Salem) did on animal-related issues in the 2020 legislative session. Because the session was a "short" one (the legislature can only meet for 35 days in even-numbered years), and because most Republicans "walked out" early to prevent a vote on a climate-change bill, we really had only one official vote to score - the House of Representatives vote on a bill to ban coyote-killing contests. (The bill passed the House but never got a vote in the Senate so therefore did not become law.) However, we also note (in our "other" column) where legislators made an extra effort for or against animal welfare and provide a cumulative (average) score for legislators that includes this year and any prior years served. See all our legislative scorecards here.

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