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2023 Legislative Scorecards Are Published!

Updated: Jun 2

Caccophony photo (with permission)

Humane Voters Oregon has released its 2023 legislative voting record. Our voting record shows how Oregon legislators voted on animal related issues in the 2023 legislative session. We also scored legislators on bills they sponsored, and on whether they took any special actions that either helped or harmed animal interests in legislative committees or behind the scenes.

In Oregon, there are 60 representatives and 30 senators. Every Oregonian has two state legislators – one representative and one senator. Legislators meet in Salem each year to make state laws. If you do not know who your legislators are, click here and enter your address to find out.

Oregon legislators voted on seven important animal related bills in 2023:

  • House Bill 2689: providing a licensing exemption for rabbit slaughter.

  • House Bill 2904: requiring reports on non-human primate research.

  • House Bill 2915: prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats at pet stores.

  • House Bill 3213: prohibiting the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

  • House Bill 3464: eliminating the "predatory" status of beavers.

  • House Concurrent Resolution 8: designating rescued shelter dogs and cats as the official state pet.

  • Senate Bill 85: increasing regulations for large confined animal feeding operations.

Our voting records also provide a cumulative (average) score for legislators, which includes this year's score and scores from prior years that the legislator served.

See all of our voting records here.

Help us make animal welfare important to legislators by letting your legislators know how you feel about their Humane Voters Oregon voting record. Compliment them on a good score or let them know you are disappointed if they have a bad score - or let them know if like or dislike their vote on a particular bill. Enter your address here to find out who your legislators are and to get their contact information.

Thank you for helping us advocate for animals!

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