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Comment Now on Fish and Wildlife Budget

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is beginning to develop its proposed budget for the 2023-25 biennium, making this a good time to encourage the agency to manage fish and wildlife for the benefit of all Oregonians and not just people who hunt and fish.

For detailed information on ODFW's budget and the budget process, go here. (See the first document in the list for a summary presentation of ODFW budget issues.) Email your comments to The Fish and Wildlife Commission will consider the ODFW budget at its meeting May 13, so comments should be submitted by May 6. It's best to use your own words, but here are some suggested points you could make:

  • ODFW's budget should reflect the values of all Oregonians, including Oregonians who do not hunt or fish but enjoy seeing animals in the wild and simply knowing they exist. The budget should emphasize protecting and restoring habitat for all species and ensuring Oregon's wildlife is treated humanely.

  • ODFW should have a wildlife coexistence program to address human-wildlife conflicts in humane, nonlethal ways whenever possible.

  • ODFW's renewed Habitat Division, which focuses on protecting and restoring habitat for all fish and wildlife, is a positive step and should be expanded.

  • ODFW's conservation program, including the Conservation Strategy, should be expanded to recognize Oregon's growing interest in protection and recovery of animals that are not hunted or fished. For the same reason, ODFW's Conservation and Recreation Fund should be fully staffed.

  • ODFW should stop funding the federal Wildlife Services program because it focuses too much on killing wildlife, often with cruel methods, as the solution to human-wildlife conflicts.

Thank you for helping us advocate for a more humane ODFW budget!

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