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Help Humane Candidates on the Home Stretch

The last day to vote is less than two weeks away but several of our endorsed candidates still need your help on the home stretch. You can help by:


This year we endorsed more than 40 candidates for the Oregon legislature based on their voting records (if they are incumbents) and their answers on our candidate questionnaire, which asked about issues include coyote-killing contests, shelter pets and factory farms. We also contributed thousands of dollars to their campaigns through our political action committee.

Your further donations will help us give more support to animal-frienldy candidates in close races on the home stretch. When candidates get support from Humane Voters Oregon PAC, they know it's coming from people like you who care about animals and who want them to make animal welfare a top priority. That helps us be more effective when we advocate for animal welfare in Oregon's political process.

Contributions to Humane Voters Oregon PAC also qualify for Oregon's political contribution tax credit. You can give up to $50 this year ($100 for a couple filing jointly) and get the full amount refunded on your Oregon tax return for 2020.* It won't cost you anything and it will help make animal welfare a more important issue in Oregon's political process and elections. Click here to donate. Be sure to use the first donation link if you want the money to go to the fund we use to support candidate campaigns.


Several of our endorsed candidates have asked us for volunteers to help with phone banks in the last few days before the election. If you would be willing to make some phone calls to encourage people to vote for our endorsed candidates, please let us know by emailing us at The candidates will remember your work when it comes time to vote on animal-welfare issues in the state legislature.

Thank you for your support!

*Oregon's political contribution tax credit is not available to people with an adjusted gross income of more than $100,000 ($200,000 for couples filing jointly).

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