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Help Stop "Predator Control Districts"

The Oregon Legislature is about to wrap up and we are trying to keep a bad bill from becoming law. House Bill 3167 would continue a program of so-called "predator damage control districts." These special government districts raise money to pay federal "Wildlife Services" to kill wildlife deemed a threat to private property. From July 2019 through June 2020 (the last year for which we have information), Wildlife Services - a notoriously inhumane program inside the U.S. Department of Agriculture - killed 201,606 animals in Oregon, including 210 bears, 2,147 coyotes and 92 mountain lions, using methods including neck and leg snares, cages and foothold traps, and guns shot from airplanes and helicopters. (Click here to see our full statement of opposition to the bill.)

Unfortunately, even though committed animal advocates voted against it, the bill passed the Oregon House of Representatives and is now in the Oregon Senate, after which it needs only to be signed by the Governor to become law. Senator Rob Wagner is chair of the Senate committee to which the bill is assigned and needs support from you and other senators to stop the bill.

TAKE ACTION: Please ask your state senator to oppose House Bill 3167 and also ask your senator to let Senator Wagner know they oppose the bill. If Rob Wagner is your senator, please ask him directly to keep the bill from moving forward. If you don't know who your state senator is or how to contact your senator, find out by entering your address here and looking at the "Senate" tab. A phone call to your senator's office is best (leave a message if you get voicemail), but emails help, too. In either case, be sure to say you are a "constituent" (meaning you live in the district).

Thank you for helping us fight for animals!

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