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HVO Announces 2022 Endorsements

Humane Voters Oregon has released its intial list of endorsements for the November 2022 general election. See our full list of endorsements here.

Humane Voters Oregon endorses candidates and measues in state and local elections. We base our endorsements on:

  • Answers to our candidate questionnaire. This year, we asked questions about general support for animal welfare and issues including shelter-pet adoption, management of wildlife-human conflict, animal testing for cosmetics, trapping, and factory dairy farms.

  • A candidate's voting record on issues affecting animals (if the candidate has served in previous sessions of the legislature).

  • Our personal familiarity with the candidate and the candidate's views on animal welfare.

  • For ballot measures, our familiarity with a measure and whether it will help promote animal welfare.

In addition to voting for our endorsed candidates, you can help them win election by:

  • Donating to our political action committee, Humane Voters Oregon PAC. We use your donations to financially support endorsed candidates in the name of animal welfare.

  • Volunteering to help an endorsed candidate's campaign. Just send us an email ( with "Campaign Volunteer" in the subject line and your contact information. We will help connect you with a campaign in a way that recognizes your support for animal welfare.

Thank you for helping us promote animal welfare in Oregon's political process and elections!

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