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Humane Voters Oregon Announces May Primary Endorsements

Humane Voters Oregon has announced its endorsements for the May 2022 primary election for the Oregon House of Representatives and the Oregon Senate. See our full list of endorsed candidates here.

For these legislative races, the May primary election is the election in which voters registered with the Democratic or Republican party elect their nominee for the general election, which will be in November. Our endorsements for the primaries are based on:

  • Our personal familiarity with the candidate and the candidate's views on animal welfare.

  • A candidate's voting record on issues affecting animals if the candidate has served in previous sessions of the Oregon Legislature.

  • For new candidates, answers on our candidate questionnaire, which asked about issues such as shelter-pet adoption, animal testing for cosmetics, co-existence with wildlife and factory farms.

If we endorsed a candidate in your House or Senate district, we believe that candidate, if elected, will support proposed laws that would be good for animal welfare, and that they will oppose proposed laws that would be bad for animals. If our list does not include your district, it means we have not endorsed a candidate in your district yet. Although we invited Republican candidates to request our endorsement in several races, all of our endorsements so far are for candidates in the Democratic primaries.

If we endorsed a candidate in your district primary, we hope you will vote for that candidate. Please also help us support these candidates in their elections. We use your donations to our political action committee, Humane Voters Oregon PAC, to support endorsed candidates. You can also volunteer for an endorsed candidate's campaign in the name of animal welfare by letting us know you are interested in doing that. Just send an email to with "Campaign Volunteer" in the subject line.

Thank you for helping us promote animal welfare in Oregon's political process and elections!

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