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Take Advantage Of Oregon's Political Contribution Tax Credit

Don’t forget to take advantage of Oregon’s political contribution tax credit in 2014 with a contribution to Humane Oregon's political action committee. Your contribution will give animals more power in Oregon’s political process and reduce your taxes at the same time.

The tax credit reduces your state taxes by the full amount of contributions to political candidates and committees (up to $50 on an individual return and $100 on a joint return), including Humane Oregon’s political action committee, which is called Humane Oregon PAC.

To contribute, click on the "Support Us" tab. Be sure to scroll down to the second “donate” button -- the one for Humane Oregon PAC (v. Humane Oregon generally) -- if you want the tax credit.

The tax credit is not available to taxpayers with a federal adjusted gross income in excess of $200,000 on a joint return or $100,000 on any other type of return. For more information about the tax credit, click here.

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