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Three Days Left to Help Animals and Get a Political Tax Credit

Thank you for helping us advocate for animals and support animal friendly political candidates in 2018. Thanks to you, we:

  • Endorsed more than 40 candidates for state and local offices based on their responses to our candidate questionnaire, personal conversations and our study of their voting records on animal welfare issues. Seventy-five percent of those candidates won election.

  • Contributed financially to more than 20 candidates who we think will best defend and improve animal welfare in Oregon. All but one of those candidates won.

  • Advocated directly for shelter pets, dairy cows, confined exotic animals and wildlife. Thanks in part to our work: the legislature next year will be considering a resolution to make shelter pets the official state pet and ban retail sale of dogs, cats and rabbits unless they come from shelters or rescues; keeping exotic animals in captivity is banned in Washington County; traveling exotic animal acts are banned in Multnomah County; a new industrial dairy in Eastern Oregon is shuttered; and the financial consequences of poaching wildlife are significantly higher.

Now we need to rebuild our funds so we can continue to advocate for animals and support candidates who will improve life for animals in Oregon. When you contribute to our political action committee (PAC), we use that money to support good candidates in the name of people who care about animal welfare. When candidates get support from Humane Voters Oregon PAC, they know it's coming from people like you who care about animals and want elected officials to make animal welfare a top priority.

Better yet, contributions to Humane Voters Oregon PAC qualify for Oregon's political contribution tax credit. You can give up to $50 this year ($100 for a couple filing jointly) and get the full amount subtracted from your 2018 Oregon income tax bill.* It won't cost you anything and it will make animal welfare a more important issue in Oregon's political process and elections.

Please help animals today by clicking here and making a contribution to Humane Voters Oregon PAC. Thank you so much for your support!

*Oregon's political contribution tax credit is not available to people with an adjusted gross income of more than $100,000 ($200,000 for couples filing jointly). We can still use your help though, even if you don't qualify for the credit, and will put your contribution to good use supporting candidates who care about animals.

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