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Humane Candidates Fare Well In State Elections

Legislative candidates endorsed and supported by Humane Voters Oregon did well in Oregon's election on November 6. All but one of the incumbents we endorsed and supported won re-election. We also endorsed a number of candidates who challenged incumbents with less than excellent voting records on animal welfare issues. Those candidates did not do as well, but but we are happy to have supported their efforts to make the Oregon Legislature even more compassionate toward animals.

Thanks to your support, we were able to help many candidates - incumbents as well as challengers - with campaign contributions as well as our endorsement and other support.

See a complete list of our endorsed candidates and their election results here. Meanwhile, please help us continue to support animal friendly candidates by going here to make a donation to our political action committee. Your contribution qualifies for Oregon's political contribution tax credit, meaning you may be able to get the full value back on your tax return (up to $50 on an individual return and $100 on a joint return). See our donation page for more information, and thank you again for your support in this past election cycle.

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